Quality Prescribing Safety Scheme (QPSS)

The Quality Prescribing Safety Scheme (QPSS) is a quality-based scheme for general practice. The focus is on education, peer review, practice specific action plans and polypharmacy reviews. It is offered to all Isle of Wight GP practices in order to further improve the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of prescribing in primary care beyond essential services.

QPSS 2020-2021 Update

Following feedback that we have received, we have agreed a tiered approach, so that practices are able to choose their level of participation. We  have added the following to the introduction in the QPSS document to reflect this:

It is pleasing to see that there is universal acceptance across the IOW regarding the need to review inappropriate opioid prescribing. We have been working on a project to review opioid prescribing on the IOW for the past two years and have developed and implemented the “Safer Opioid Prescribing for Chronic Pain” resource pack. This was launched with training for GPs and practice pharmacists in order to support review of opioids in the community.

We have worked hard to align the QPSS with the DES requirements for the PCNs for the 2020/21 period in order to ensure we are focussing on the quality and safety of prescribing without increasing workload for practices. This is a fine line to tread ensuring that we do not risk a challenge to our QPSS as being unfair compared to other areas (e.g. paying practices twice for work) whilst supporting our practices to improve the quality and safety of their prescribing without significantly increasing their workload.

We accept that at this late stage in development of the QPSS, we will not be able to produce an incentive scheme which is acceptable to all. Therefore, this year we are offering a series of options to practices for which elements they choose to sign up to.

However, we need to alert you to the need to rework the second part of the prescribing costs for next year:

Tackling Prescribing costs – Part 2

We need to review and re-work part 2 of the prescribing costs payment, to take into consideration practice closures and mergers, to make achievement fair and realistic for the practices affected. Matt will work through this with Dr Poole and myself, but he won’t have the financial data required to inform these discussions available until May .

A payment mechanism that rewards reductions of growth in spend.

The remuneration will remain the same this year - A payment of £1.50 per patient on a practices raw list size.

However, the details of how Part 2 will be calculated will need to be clarified when the financial data is available and taking practice closures and mergers into consideration.

We also appreciate that whilst we can get the QPSS distributed before 1st April (available for download below), we all may have to put our plans on hold, or at least rework them, with the current Covid-19 pandemic.


pdfQPSS 2020_21 (1.14 MB)