Mental Health Transformation Programme


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The priority for the island is to deliver the NHS Long Term Plan to improve people's mental health and wellbeing by supporting a cultural shift in provision.  The models will need to recognise the wider social networks and the importance of physical wellbeing, resilience, and recovery, including employment and housing choice and control to promote independence within their communities. The current model for mental health services on the Isle of Wight is not recovery focussed, so it needs to move towards a more preventative and collaborative model with people with lived experience.

We have embarked on an ambitious programme to address the improvement of everyone’s mental health, continually seeking the views of the Island population on how best to achieve our collective ambition of being a mentally health Island that enables everyone to thrive.

The Mental Health Transformation Programme is taking this work forwards under six key workstreams: 

  • Creating a New Vision for Improved Mental Health
  • Development of model to meet intensity of needs of people using services
  • Transforming Needs-led Community Provision and Strengthening Individual and Community Support
  • Transforming Needs-led Acute Provision
  • Transforming Older People’s Mental Health
  • Reprovision of Rehabilitation and Reablement Services

Mental Health services will be redesigned to be integrated health, social care and 3rd sector, working alongside people to support them to help change elements of life style.

The first step in the Island's Mental Health Transformation Programme has been to agree the future vision for delivery of mental health care on the Isle of Wight. The Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Isle of Wight NHS Trust (IWNHST), Isle of Wight Council (IWC) have therefore come together with individuals with lived experience of mental health issues, their carers and families, the voluntary sector, GPs and other stakeholders to develop the Mental Health (MH) Blueprint for the Island, ‘Talking Mental Health’. During extensive consultation, the following aims and ambitions were agreed:


 Our Aim

With our partners and local communities we will become a mentally healthy island. We will promote self-care and prevention through the delivery of high quality mental health services, at all times focusing on the person themselves being in control and developing personal resilience.


 Our Ambitions

Supporting people to maintain good mental health and renewing our focus on delivering prevention 

We will encourage the public to have good mental health and work with us to develop services that better meet their needs.

We will address the factors that can lead to poor mental health and wellbeing.

We will reduce the number of lives lost through suicide. 


Reducing stigma and raising mental health awareness

 We commit to eliminating stigma and discrimination by starting and leading conversations which promote positive perceptions of mental health.


 Revitalising our approach to health and care services

We will develop integrated pathways for mental health that start in the community and connect effectively with other specialist services.

We will break down the boundaries between GPs, community and hospital services.

Through a renewed commitment to partnership between the NHS, the council, the voluntary sector and the public, our focus will be on enabling people to live a full and meaningful life despite mental ill health.



Our mental health services will support recovery to promote, hope, independence, wellbeing and choice.


Developing our workforce

 Our services will have the right mix of trained, skilled, experienced and compassionate staff.

 We will extend our employment of peer workers and work with the local voluntary sector workforce.


Making the money work

 We will change the way we spend our money and focus more on prevention and community based services. 


Improving quality, outcomes and holding to account

We will set new standards for the quality of our local mental health services.

We will agree the outcomes to be achieved by those providing services and we will hold them to account.

We will evaluate the experience of service users and involve them in how we respond to what they tell us. 



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