Planned care hospital services

The Acute Team is responsible for commissioning scheduled and unscheduled care, as well as being responsible for other areas such as contract management, referral support & elective choice, and specialist services liaison. Within scheduled and unscheduled care the Acute Team are responsible for:

Scheduled (Planned) Care

  • Elective surgery
  • Elective medicine
  • Diagnostics
  • Cancer and palliative care
  • Mainland care
  • Integrated care pathways

Unscheduled Care

  • Acute medicine and surgery
  • Emergency A&E and ITU
  • Ambulance
  • Patient transport services
  • Urgent care hub (including NHS 111)
  • Mainland care

In commissioning these services, as well as working to delivery the priorities identified wtihin the IWCCG commissioning strategy, the Acute Team work to a set of local objectives:

  • Improve access to and efficiency of services
  • Improve clinical outcomes from services
  • Improve outcomes for level of resources invested
  • Increase patient satisfaction feedback for services
  • Ensure effective contracts are in place and managed
  • Contribute to and support the transition to the new NHS structure

The Acute Team is currently working on a number of major projects/initiatives:

Unscheduled Care

  • Acute Oncology Support service on Island
  • Improving the pathway for patients that receive Mainland hospital treatment
  • Ensure consistency across specialities in line with national best practice
  • Projects linked to Unscheduled Care Planning Group (Ambulatory Care Emergency Clinics, GP Acute service pilot option, Involvement in Winter Planning)
  • Ambulance

Planned Care

  • Mobilisation of Dermatology contract
  • Implementation of Familial Hypercholestraemia pathway (stage 2)
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation implementation of post discharge tariff
  • Earlier diagnosis of cancer and living with cancer long term
  • Improve access to Pathology services
  • Development of Community Hepatology service