Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Dementia

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The Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Dementia Commissioning Team within the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning are currently undertaking a number of service redesign projects to transform services which will aim to support people better in the community, focusing on prevention, person centred care and recovery.

Service user involvement is paramount in supporting the commissioning teams in monitoring, reviewing and redesigning services to deliver sustainable services at the right time, right place with the right offer.

Our aims:

Mental Health

Review and redesign a number of care pathways including psychosis, personality disorders and eating disorders to deliver recovery focused evidence based treatment. Improve crisis care through the implementation of the Crisis Care Concordat Action plan. Ensure people have equitable access to physical and mental health services.

Learning Disabilities

To be compliant with the Winterbourne Concordat and transforming care agenda for people with learning disabilities by improving quality of care and outcomes, ensuring people receive person-centred care, which maintains dignity and sensitive to individual need. To improve independent living choices.


To continue to ensure people receive an early diagnosis and have access to post diagnostic services enabling them to make informed choices about their future care and lifestyle. A review will be undertaken of the post diagnostic support delivered on the Island and the long term provision of inpatient services for people living with dementia. The long term solutions will be developed to ensure services are sustainable and support people and their carers to live well with dementia.


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