Joint Commissioning

The CCG has a range of collaborative commissioning arrangements to support it in delivering its visions for the future heath care for the Isle of Wight. These are both within the NHS and with local partners, notably Isle of Wight Council.

Currently the IWCCG has the following joint commissioning arrangements in place:

  • Section 75 pooled budget arrangements for nursing home provision for patients in receipt of Registered Nursing Care Contributions
  • Domiciliary care for learning disability clients at Reeve Court (was White Lodge)
  • Community equipment
  • Audiology
  • Joint fee negotiation and monitoring of Nursing Home contracts
  • Joint Commissioner for Carers

The IWCCG has also established joint committees and formal partnerships aimed at developing integrated plans around shared priorities from the Health and Wellbeing Strategy. This has included: 

  • A joint Children’s and Young People’s Plan
  • A major new joint commissioning programme My Life: A full Life with the secondment full time of a senior manager in the Council to lead the programme.

These arrangements with the Isle of Wight Council are reflected in the IWCCG’s Commissioning Strategy, work programmes, and QIPP schemes. Regular meetings take place between the CCG Commissioners and the local authority at a senior and more operational level to ensure good communication and understanding of each others priorities.