Commissioning Strategy

The key function of a clinical commissioning group is the commissioning of services for its local population. For the IWCCG this means planning and procuring services that meet the needs of the Isle of Wight.

The services for which the IWCCG are responsible for commissioning are listed below. NHS England is responsible for commissioning primary care services and a number of yet to be defined services that will be transferred to Specialist Commissioning Groups (SCGs).

  • Secondary care medicine and surgical services
  • Diagnostics (including pathology)
  • Mental health and learning disability services, including Dementia
  • Community services, including long terms conditions
  • Ambulance services
  • Other acute services such as A&E, maternity, cancer

The commissioning process is initiated by the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) and, from 2012-13, the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy (JHWS), developed collaboratively with Public Health, the Isle of Wight Council and Health and Wellbeing Board. The JSNA and JHWS build a profile of the Islands population and health needs which the IWCCG must provide services to meet.

These documents are the starting point of an annual commissioning cycle through which the health needs of the Island population are reviewed and from this a number of commissioning priorities identified, that is where the IWCCG needs to be investing in service provision.

Produced within this cycle are a number of documents that outline the IWCCG's commissioning intentions, its commitment to delivery and explain operationally how delivering these priorities will be achieved. The IWCCG includes within these its Quality, Innovations, Prevention and Productivity (QIPP) Plans. The suite includes:

These documents inform other processes such as contract negotiation, provider development and setting local quality standards. The diagram below shows how these documents define elements of the planning process.

This section of the website explores the health profile of the Isle of Wight, explains a little more about the IWCCG commissioning priorities and strategy, the services it commissions, how the IWCCG is working to meet the national QIPP challenge, and how it holds service providers to account for providing high quality and safe services.

Planning Process