Urgent Care Services

St. Mary’s Hospital no longer offers a Walk-in GP service.    The Beacon Health Centre has been redesigned into the Urgent Care Service (UCS) which is co-located with the Emergency Department at St Mary’s and treats urgent care needs.   You can find out more about the reasons for this change at  http://www.iow.nhs.uk/news/NHS-Leaders-write-to-the-Island-about-changes-to-Beacon-Health-Centre-and-new-Urgent-Care-Service-UCS.htm

Those attending the Urgent Care Service will have been advised to do so by a health professional – doctor, dentist, optician, pharmacist, nurse, paramedic, etc. - or the NHS 111 service.   Those attending the Urgent Care Service, depending on their needs, will be seen by a nurse, a community practitioner or a GP.   The Urgent Care Service will redirect individuals to other services where the individual does not have an urgent care need and their problem can be better dealt with by another service.

To avoid a long wait, advice and urgent care is now provided in a range of locations including:

  • Online e.g. www.nhs.uk, www.what0-18.nhs.uk, Isle Find It and mental health (see below).
  • Telephone advice e.g. 111, Parentline , Isle Help, Action on Hearing Loss, Healthwatch IW,  People Matter Travelline, Alcoholics Anonymous, British Red Cross, Age UK, Carers IW, Cruse Bereavement Care,  Dental Advice, Frank, The Silver Line, etc. and  mental health (see below).
  • Pharmacy – there are about 30 across the Island open for longer than GP practices; a minimum of eight open each day at weekends.  Under the Pharmacy First scheme you don’t need to get a prescription from your GP for some conditions.  Search www.nhs.uk for details.
  • GP practices – there are 16 across the Island where both GPs, nurses and other health professionals provide services – search www.nhs.uk for details.
  • Dentists and the emergency dental service – for problems with teeth www.nhs.uk
  • Opticians – for problems with eyes – search www.nhs.uk for details.
  • Mental Health - mental health crisis line, IAPT (Improving access to Psychological Therapies), Silver Cloud, Positive Mental Health, Big White Wall. For additional information on Mental Health Crisis support please click HERE.

The next step up from Urgent Care is Emergency Care.  Emergency Care is provided by the Emergency Department at St. Mary’s or by calling a 999 ambulance.  The Emergency Department and 999 for life threatening situations e.g. major trauma or loss of blood, unconsciousness, chest pain, etc.