Need NHS help in a hurry?

111 First 2

If you've had an accident or illness, it can sometimes be difficult to know which NHS service to use and when.

Please don't just go to the Emergency Department at St Mary's - unless it is a emergency.

Call NHS111 First if you're unsure of the best place to go, and fully-trained advisers will help you make the right decision - which may involve directing you to other services or indeed the Emergency Department for a booked arrival time - to cut down your waiting time, and help clear the waiting area as much as possible during the pandemic.

Pharmacies and surgeries can all help you instead. A&E should only be used in an emergency.

More information on services can be found in this area of the website using the links on the right to help you know where to go for your healthcare needs. You can also download our handy guide for when you need help in a hurry.

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