NHS Continuing Healthcare during COVID-19

You might be aware that the government released “COVID-19 Bill Hospital Discharge service requirements” on 19th March 2020. This document mandates statutory services to implement changes at a significant pace to free up capacity to support hospital discharges. We are awaiting the Bill becoming Law but when it does so it will be necessary for us to change the way in which we are currently providing support. The discharge guidance can be found here.

What this means for Continuing Healthcare:

It will be necessary to change the way we do things. The protection of our local population is always at the highest priority.

  1. Routine assessments for Continuing Healthcare will cease temporarily. This will include: Decision Support tool (DST’s), Funded Nursing Care (FNC) assessments and three and twelve monthly reviews will be postponed until the current COVID19 incident is in the recovery phase.
  2. Continuing Healthcare checklist’s will continue to be accepted by the service as this will be the referral process for those requiring further assessment for Continuing Healthcare in the future (recovery phase of COVID 19).
  3. The service will continue to process the active referrals for local resolutions as far as reasonably practical but we will be looking to undertaken these meetings via tele conferencing facilities, instead of face to face. Regrettably this position might have to change at short notice and if this is the case we will contact you directly.
  4. In accordance with guidance from NHS England (NHSE) Independent Review Panels will continue until further notice.

The service will be operating at a core skeleton service to support our colleagues across the Health and Social Care System to free up capacity to enable us to redeploy Nurses and support functions to key areas of the NHS.

The core service will be undertaken the following elements:

  • Urgent case management for our most complex and vulnerable individuals
  • Processing Safeguarding alerts of cases opened to the Continuing Healthcare team
  • Receiving and processing Checklists as our referral source
  • Managing the IRP and Local resolution processes until such a time that the service can no longer sustain this element or national guidance requires a different response.

In addition we will continue to provide a duty officer function to enable you to make contact if you have any questions or concerns who will also be able to provide support to  signpost you to the most appropriate service.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time.

Links to our website where you can find more information relating to how you can protect yourselves from COVID19 are:



Links to our email address is: Iwccg.chcservice@nhs.net