You said we did

We are always grateful to everyone who takes the time to get involved in discussions about local health care, or submits their views on planned, current or changing health services.

Your feedback recently has helped us with a range of different service improvements, and is contributing to planning for others. These include:

Mental health blueprint Between 2016 and 2018 your views have helped us shape a new development plan for mental health services that we are calling our mental health blueprint. You can view the document here and read about how your views helped develop our plans here.
Learning disability transformation Working with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust and the Council we have been engaging people with learning disabilities on the Island about a new strategy (Living Well with a Learning Disability) to deliver care and support in the most appropriate way. An action plan in support of the strategy was produced in December 2018 and you can view that here.
Healthwatch Primary Care Survey We are grateful to Healthwatch Isle of Wight for their support in seeking views from people across the Island on primary care services (the sorts of services you would normally find in your GP surgery.)  The results of their survey of 2000 people (published in November 2018) are available to view here - and we will use these findings to support our planning for primary care in the future.

Our annual report contains a section on how we use your feedback to influence some of the work we are doing. You can find our most recent report (2018/19) here and if you turn to Section 8 on p46 you will be able to see information about engagement activity linked to:

  • Acute services redesign
  • NHS patient travel group
  • the Living Well with a Learning Disability programme.