Accessible information

Our aim is to work in accordance with the Accessible Information Standard. This means we will aim to ensure all corporate information such as leaflets, documents and electronic resources are available, on request, in alternative formats. These include large print, Easy Read and braille. 

If you need any information made available to you in alternative formats such as larger print, braille or Easy Read, or if you need information translated please do let us know. You can do that by contacting us by clicking here.

We will look to provide communication support at our meetings and events to ensure effective and accurate dialogue with everyone in the local area we serve. We also try to ensure our website is as accessible as possible.

If you have any information and communication needs to access our information or require communication support at our meetings or events please contact us.

Further information on the Accessible Information Standard is available on the NHS England website.

You may like to know that the NHS England website has a range of information about health services available in other languages. You can find that information here.