Safeguarding Adults

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults is an important function of the IWCCG undertaken in conjunction with our partners in social services. It focuses on the prevention of significant harm to individuals who are vulnerable.

On the Isle of Wight, and for those small number of people placed off-Island, the IWCCG seeks regular assurance that care is performed to a high standard, meets the contractual obligations if it commissioned by the IWCCG, and has no issues flagged up by regulatory inspections. This is lead by the IWCCG's Head of Quality, and named lead for Safeguarding Adults and the Mental Capacity Act.

The IWCCG will, together with the Local Authority, Police and all other relevant services,  be involved in strategic development of safeguarding for vulnerable adults in order to ensure vulnerable adults are cared for in a safe and respectful environment and that due care is given at all times. Lessons can be learnt through case reviews from incidents that have led to individuals receiving a less than ideal service in order to prevent similar episodes.

Raising awareness through education and training, in primary and secondary health care, of the risk of abuse to and neglect of vulnerable adults, is also an important part of the safeguarding agenda for the IWCCG.

Anyone who is concerned about the abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult should contact their local Adult Social Care Team to raise their concerns.