Quality and Patient Safety Committee

At the very centre of effective quality and patient safety is the patient, surrounded by the elements of quality known to be important to them; their safety, experience and the effectiveness of their care. These elements sit within the domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework, and are all encircled by the commissioning cycle. It is a vision of the Isle of Wight Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) that quality will be embedded throughout this cycle and across the organisation. This is done under the leadership and oversight of the Quality and Patient Safety Committee (QPSC).

The QPSC has an important role in reviewing and monitoring compliance with quality standards as specified in contracts, highlighting service failures and areas of concern. It also makes recommendations for performance notices and joint investigations, remedial action plans and reviews non-compliance identified by regulators and/or any enforcement action undertaken by regulators.

The QPSC receive information and reports about Serious Incidents Requiring Investigation (SIRIs) from the Head of Quality, who may then make recommendations for action to the Committee.

In the development of Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Programmes the QPSC ensures that quality and quality improvement are taken into account at every stage to ensure key factors such as patient feedback, safeguarding and equity and diversity are considered in a systematic and timely manner.

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee ensures that all commissioning decisions clearly demonstrate that services are safe and effective but also that they improve the quality of care experienced by patients.  It oversees the three key elements of quality: clinical effectiveness, patient experience and patient safety.

The Quality and Patient Safety Committee is chaired by Dr Mark Sopher, Secondary Care Doctor. Other members of the committee are:

  • – Clinical Executive Member
  • Melanie Rogers - Director of Quality and Clinical Services / Governing Body Nurse
  • Carole Truman - CCG Governing Body Lay Member
  • Public Health Representative
  • Joanna Smith - Healthwatch Representative