How Are Services Performing

St Mary's Hospital, Newport

Contracts for healthcare services are monitored by Commissioners through the receipt of Contract Monitoring Reports from providers, covering achievement against quality, and access standards and performance against activity and financial targets. Commissioners meet frequently (usually monthly for large contracts) with Providers to discuss performance. This includes Island and mainland Providers, hospital and community providers.

The IWCCG uses the NHS Standard Contract for Healthcare which includes national performance indicators, incentives (such as CQUINS) and penalties, with local standards and targets which support the achievement of the IWCCG strategic healthcare priorities. Key Performance Indictors include:

  • DH National Access Indicators (eg. 18 hour RTT)
  • Healthcare Acquired Infection Rates
  • Mortality Rates
  • Local Pathway Access Standards
  • Local Quality Indicators

The public can access much of the performance information through NHS Choices, CQC website and providers own websites.