Clinical Leadership

As clinicians GPs strive to work alongside patients to improve health and treat disease.  Early in the process of IWCCG development it became clear that GPs needed to use their skills differently to work with our partners to improve the way health services are delivered to Island residents and bring together innovative ideas to deliver real health improvements.

Clinical leaders in the CCG are not expecting to come with all the answers, but rather to build on, develop and lead networks of people who have a stake in Island healthcare. 

The Clinical Leadership Programme has been established and now extends to about 17 GPs. There are 3 kinds of clinical lead roles:

  • Strategic leads: Working across a large and complex area of healthcare engaging with a number of stakeholders  e.g. mental health, frail older people, unscheduled care
  • Clinical leads: Working on specific disease areas e.g. cardiolody, neurology
  • Clinical project leads: Short term lead roles on specific identified pieces of work e.g. pathology

Clinical leads meet together regularly as the Clinical Development Network to share ideas and experiences, with support from commissioning colleagues and a clinical librarian. A regular update on progress is made available to the IWCCG Executive Board and other interested parties.  

Clinical leadership is the key contribution clinical commissioning groups can make to the commissioning of healthcare, and the success of this programme is important as we move forward.