Clinical Leadership Projects

To support the CCG in driving forward improvements in healthcare outcomes and quality, Clinical Leads have been appointed within the IWCCG structure to take forward the development of robust clinical leadership. These leads are central to meaningful clinical engagement and facilitating improvements in care pathways and the patient experience and outcomes.

During its transition period, the IWCCG has chosen to focus its clinical leads on delivering improvements aligned with the Government’s Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP) Programme Long Term Conditions workstream, and the IWCCG Commissioning Strategy. This is a key element of the White Paper: Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS.

Clinical Leads work on projects, both long and short term, to deliver improvements in care pathways falling within the scope of the QIPP long term conditions workstream, as well as areas in need of immediate service improvement. Clinical Leads work in conjunction with secondary care colleagues as well as other health care professionals and service users to design more efficient and effective methods of treatment delivery.

Further information about the QIPP Programme can be found via the NHS Improvement website and NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement website.

Primary Care Clinical Leadership

What is a Clinical Pathway?

Clinical pathways, also known as care pathways, critical pathways, integrated care pathways, or care maps, are one of the main tools used to manage the quality in healthcare concerning the standardization of care processes. It has been proven that their implementation reduces the variability in clinical practice and improves outcomes. Clinical pathways promote organized and efficient patient care based on the evidence based practice.