Vision and Values

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The IWCCG vision statement sets out the ambition of the organisation to commission high quality, sustainable and integrated services for the Isle of Wight.

To work towards achieving this vision the IWCCG has a number of aims (long-term goals) which will support to deliver this outcome. These are:

  • Work with partners to improve health and wellbeing for patients, carers and communities
  • Ensure that when patients need healthcare, their experience is positive
  • Guarantee that when the need arises, people will access high quality, safe services
  • Ensure the healthcare we commission is effective, efficient and financially sustainable
  • Reduce the difference in life expectancy and burden of disease that exists between our most advantaged and most disadvantaged communities
  • Embed patient and public involvement in our work
  • Ensure our practice members value their role within the CCG

Behind both our vision and aims operate our and values (what we believe in). These influence how the organisation and individual's conduct themselves and how they make decisions. They are:

Our  approach to commissioning is clinically-led and patient focused

    • We maximise access to local services in the context of commissioning best clinical care.
    • We empathise with those that suffer through ill health, working hard to reduce that suffering. 
    • We embrace change, looking for innovation and scientific advance which will benefit  our providers and our community
    • We believe that prevention is as important as cure

We are accountable for the decisions we make. 

    • We conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty, candour and fairness
    • We have the courage to make difficult decisions
    • We are respectful to  all people
    • We encourage efficiency and minimise bureaucracy

We involve and listen to our communities knowing they have the capacity to understand and participate in making decisions about their healthcare.


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