Our Commitment to Involve

The CCG is committed to meeting its duty under s242 NHS Act 2006 to involve and consult the public in:

  • The planning and provision of services;
  • The development and consideration of proposals for change in the way services are provided, and;
  • Decisions affecting the operations of those services.

 This duty has been entailed into our authorisation planning, with an emphasis on patient and public involvement and stakeholder engagement/collaborative working. We have also built this into our organisational ambition to be open, accessible and transparent in how we work.

 The development of our communications and engagement channels is a part of our ongoing organisational development, and will continue to evolve during authorisation and beyond.

 Our five communications and engagement objectives are:

  • Establish a clear identity and positive reputation for the CCG and demonstrate its leadership of NHS services on the Island; (reputation management)
  • Develop effective relationships with the CCG’s strategic partners; (stakeholder management)
  • Engage GPs, other clinical practitioners and CCG staff in the work and development of the organisation; (internal communication)
  • Develop a patient and public involvement programme that engages people in the  commissioning, operation and development of health services for the Island; (PPI) and
  • Develop a system for formal consultation that provides information, enables people to easily submit comments and suggestions, properly reflects these comments in any discussion of and decision about options, and feeds back to those consulted once a decision has been taken. (statutory duties)

 We are currently reviewing our Communications and Engagement Strategy. This will set out how we will further develop our approach to communications and engagement to ensure that we are involving island residents, our staff and partners in the work that we do and the decisions that we make.




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