Specialist Recommendation Drugs Policy

  • This policy refers to a service development relating to aspects of healthcare requiring specific high-cost medications for selected conditions
  • Whilst the CCG recognises the need for treatment and CCG responsibility for funding of these choices of treatment, some may lie outside primary care prescribing, whilst having a direct impact on GP budgets
  • Treatment may be required for patient convenience and safety as well as for clinical need at the request of a specialist centre – some of these requests are appropriate, some are not
  • This policy outlines the process for agreeing items to be added to the High Cost Drug List (HCDL), review periods, criteria for a clinician to request an addition and how the cost will be funded
  • There will be some drugs that other healthcare providers request GPs to prescribe that are not appropriate in primary care. This policy will support that appropriate prescribing only is transferred to primary care

A separate budget will be established from the prescribing budget to support the centralised management of these costly medicines